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BMG acquires Mick Fleetwood’s recording rights

By | Published on Friday 15 January 2021

Mick Fleetwood

I think the increasing frequency with which artists are announcing deals to sell off their copyrights and royalty rights means we are getting to the stage where people might start to lose interest. Still, I guess it’s my job to try to avoid that from happening. So… BMG! Has! Acquired! The! Recording! Rights! Of! Mick! Fleetwood!

The deal specifically covers the musician’s royalty interest in over 300 recordings on which he performs, including the entire Fleetwood Mac catalogue other than the band’s first two albums. It also comes ahead of the BMG-led film, album and book release of ‘Mick Fleetwood & Friends’, the 2020 tribute to original Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green.

“Mick Fleetwood is the bedrock of one of the greatest bands in rock, he has a unique talent to bring together musicians of all genres and of course he is one of rock’s greatest drummers”, says BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch. “BMG is proud to represent his greatest work and excited about the forthcoming launch of ‘Mick Fleetwood & Friends'”.

Fleetwood adds: “This is a wonderfully inspiring marriage between two creative partners that understand all aspects of the business. Foremost, BMG understands the artistry and puts the artist first. If this partnership is any indication of my past, and now future, working relationship with BMG, it’s that they truly ‘get it'”.

The deal also comes not long after Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ went viral over on the TikToks, leading to millions of streams and tens of thousands of download sales. BMG will now get a cut of that income. So that’s nice. Who doesn’t want a cut of some TikTik driven success? No one, that’s who.