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BMG Production Music acquires Deep East Music and Tele Music

By | Published on Thursday 2 August 2018


BMG Production Music has announced deals to acquire Deep East Music and Tele Music. The former was launched in London in 2007 by Ciaran McNeaney and Alex Marchant. Tele Music, meanwhile, has been operating in France since 1966.

“I am delighted to welcome Ciaran, Alex and the rest of the Deep East team to BMG Production Music”, says BMG’s John Clifford. “We have known them for several years and have always been thoroughly impressed with the way they have built and grown their business, combining great creative ideas with inspiring marketing, brilliant service and outstanding attention to detail”.

He goes on: “Tele Music was one of the last great, independently owned production music catalogues with a rich heritage in our business. Like KPM, DeWolfe and others, the Tele Music catalogue represents a piece of production music history. We are THRILLED to extend the BMG Production Music repertoire line-up with all that Tele Music offers and excited to make this available to our clients, and Tele Music fans around the world”.