Bobby G wins Bucks Fizz name squabble

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2011

Bucks Fizz

Three of the original members of Bucks Fizz have failed to take ownership of their band’s name from the fourth member, Bobby G.

As previously reported, there are currently two outfits using variations of the Bucks Fizz name, a group led by Bobby G, and another involving the other members of the original line up, most notably Mike Nolan and Cheryl Baker. It’s G who owns the Bucks Fizz trademark, meaning the other former members of the group tour as the Original Bucks Fizz.

The latest legal squabble over the name – this isn’t the first – began when Nolan and Baker tried to trademark ‘Original Bucks Fizz’. G objected to that application, and in return Nolan and Baker objected to G’s continued use of the Bucks Fizz name, arguing that as their group had more original members they should have the rights to it.

But an Intellectual Property Office official has sided with G. He ruled that given Buck Fizz has existed in all sorts of incarnations over the years, how many original members any one outfit involves is not relevant. And as G was the original trademark registrant, he has the right to use the name.

The IPO man said: “The public would have no reason to expect the group performing as Bucks Fizz to consist of the original line-up [that] had not performed together for 24 years”.

Nolan, Baker et al told reporters they were “bitterly disappointed” with the ruling, and planned to appeal. Good times.