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Bring Me The Horizon reduced emissions by 38% on 2021 arena tour

By | Published on Tuesday 22 February 2022

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon have publish findings of a study about their 2021 arena tour, which show that various changes made to the running of the band’s concerts reduced emissions by 38% compared to what would normally be expected.

Taking place in September last year, the weeklong run of dates around the UK was the first arena tour since the start of the pandemic. Among efforts to make the venture more environmentally friendly, the band used renewable fuel for tour vehicles, served only plant-based meals, reduced food waste, used more energy-efficient equipment and imposed a plastic bottle ban.

The report, prepared by A Greener Festival, looked at various ways those efforts affected the environmental impact of the tour, and in particular what it did to the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted, using the ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’ or CO2e measure. AGF estimates those eco-friendly tactics helped prevent 27.97 tonnes of CO2e being pumped into the atmosphere. The bulk of this – 22 tonnes – was due to switching to HVO Renewable Diesel in tour trucks.

Researchers also found that 3322 plastic bottles were prevented from being used, thanks to the ban in venues and use of water coolers behind the scenes.

“During the pandemic, the touring music industry came together on the important topic of sustainability”, says AGF CEO Claire O’Neill. “We’re so happy with the results from walking the talk with the first UK arena tour off the mark’”.

“The report shows a direct link between well-being, stress, and environmental sustainability”, she adds. “Culture change and industry restructuring is essential to achieve a green future for artist touring. There is much still to be done, but these results are undeniable evidence that we can take huge strides to reduce emissions and protect ecosystems immediately. There’s no excuse to delay”.

Matt Ash of the band’s management company Raw Power says: “Working with an artist in BMTH and a tour production team that was fully behind the approach to sustainable touring was something that we absolutely endorsed and are keen to implement on all future touring whenever possible”.

Like many acts experimenting with more environmentally friendly touring, the band hope that by publishing the findings of their efforts other artists can follow their lead. The report also notes that key to the band’s success in reducing emissions was collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the tour – including management, promoter, venues and the band themselves.