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Bruno Mars asks fans to stop throwing grenades at him

By | Published on Friday 6 May 2011

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, I’m sure you are aware, had a hit earlier this year with a song called ‘Grenades’. Since then, fans have been throwing replica grenades at him when he plays it live. He’s now asked fans to stop this because, as you might expect, he and his band find it a little perturbing.

Mars told the Daily Star: “Since I’ve been singing ‘Grenade’ I’ve been getting more fake ones thrown at me. At first it was cute now it’s beginning to spook my band out. With the stage lights on you can’t see anything. It’s dangerous and scares the shit out of me”.

As for other items that often find their way onto the stage, he said: “I don’t mind a few bras. They’re better than candy. That can really hurt”.