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BTS’s J-Hope announces plans to enlist in South Korean military

By | Published on Friday 17 March 2023


J-Hope has announced that he will be the next member of BTS to enlist in the South Korean army. The exact date on which he will step away from music to carry out his two years of mandatory military service is yet to be announced.

In a message to fans on WeVerse, he said: “I can’t tell you exactly in detail, but I have the date to enlist already. It’s time to get ready”.

The 29 year old is now under a year away from the deadline by which he must enlist. He follows bandmate Jin, who signed up in November, just before his 30th birthday.

“Since Jin enlisted, I thought about when I should do it, but I decided to go as soon as possible and show you a better side of myself”, J-Hope continued. “Right when I got the notice, Jin contacted me. I asked a lot of questions and Jin gave me advice on what I needed”.

“My goal during my time in the military”, he added, “is not to get old. Don’t get old, and stay in good condition”.

So, fans can look forward to seeing a spring chicken-like Jin’s return to music in 2025.