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Buzzfeed claims Kate Nash doesn’t exist, Kate Nash puts them straight

By | Published on Thursday 26 October 2017

Kate Nash

Kate Nash has hit back at a Buzzfeed article suggesting that she no longer exists, thus disproving the website’s claim.

Nash was featured on a list titled ’33 Singers That Only Exist In The Memories Of British Millennials’. The work involved in thinking up such a long list apparently left no time for the Buzzfeeders to google the likes of Estelle, Little Boots and Ms Dynamite to find out if they’re up to much these days.

Listed at number seven, Nash, who released a new EP in April and recently starred in Netflix hit ‘GLOW’, was described thus: “She was the cute vintage-dress-wearing girl we all wanted to be back in 2007. Presumably these days she’s wearing baggy jumpers and DMs but who knows?”

Hitting back, Nash wrote in a lengthy string of tweets: “The media have talked about me this way my entire career, since I was 20 years old. I think this media tone needs to end. It says a lot about what people are being told to value. But it’s very old fashioned. Plus it is not a real reflection of how millennials think. Nor my career. I just think this media tone is actually very dangerous. The media keep telling us what the facts are. Not only is it rude, it doesn’t reflect the truth and seems irrelevant and out of touch. The media really need to get a grip”.

She continues: “Even if I was just wearing baggy jumpers and DMs, what is wrong with that? What do these people value? I have no idea. With all the talk of mental health recently and the amount of mental health issues within the artist community I don’t think this contribution from BuzzFeed or from any other media outlet is helpful or interesting. It could hurt unstable people and with what is going on in the world – politically and environmentally – you should really get a grip and hold yourselves accountable for the positive change we all want to see”.

“Also I have huge problems with how the [music] industry disposes of artists. It’s a difficult career to maintain so this is actually a discussion I think is important. But not to just take the piss out of artists that got dropped or aren’t in the charts anymore. Most artists I know are struggling to be able to continue and many do have to give up and ‘wear baggy jumpers and DMs’ and that is sad because art fucking matters. So fuck you for making fun of independent artists BuzzFeed. Sorry but it’s not a joke to me. I still exist you twat, alongside all the other artists in this list”.

“The reason I can’t let this slide is because I happen to be in a great, happy place in my life. Which is difficult for anyone to achieve but I am and there have been many times over the past ten years when I haven’t been OK. Mentally, financially, emotionally, physically. And during a shitty time something like this could have seriously crushed me. And maybe someone else on that list is having a shitty time”.

“There’s all this stigma that we’re not allowed to talk about struggling or failure because it’s so embarrassing. But fuck that. I don’t know why this really affected me this morning because I see shit like this all the time and genuinely don’t care. But it needs to be addressed how unsupported and screwed over so many musicians are. I’ve seen people’s careers destroyed by shady business. I’m very lucky and I don’t take this subject lightly as I’ve come so close to giving up on art before, which would have destroyed me”.

A spokesperson for Buzzfeed told NME: “We love Kate Nash and really did want to be her! Many BuzzFeed posts reference nostalgia for things we love and this list is one of those, definitely not intended to be taken literally. We wish nothing but the best for Kate”.

So that’s alright then.