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Cardi B reportedly negotiating solo Super Bowl set, Foo Fighters discuss being passed over for halftime show

By | Published on Tuesday 25 September 2018

Cardi B

It seems assured that Maroon 5 have indeed been booked to perform at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show. But it’s also now rumoured that Cardi B is attempting to temper that horrorshow by negotiating to perform her own solo set.

Cardi B is already thought to be booked to perform her collaboration with Maroon 5 – ‘Girls Like You’ – as part of their Super Bowl performance. However, according to TMZ, she also wants to do a few tracks on her own.

Whether or not NFL bosses go for it remains to be seen. It would at least add some hip hop to the proceedings. Although it may also be seen as another slap in the face for the very many Atlanta rappers who haven’t been asked to play the show, despite this year’s Super Bowl taking place in their city.

Since it was decided that Atlanta would host the 2019 Super Bowl back in 2016, it had been suggested that this would be a great opportunity to celebrate the city’s rich and well-established hip hop scene. Then they go and book Maroon 5. Reportedly. But there’s still time to turn this thing around.

Though if organisers are still insisting on something more guitar-based, they could at least approach a slightly more rousing band, like – says – Foo Fighters. Except it turns out that they have, several times, but have always ended up going with someone else.

“I’ve had multiple conversations over the years with them where they say, ‘We want to have a rock n roll band'”, Dave Grohl tells US radio station KROQ. “[They say] ‘Do you think you could do it? Do you think you could do a stadium?'”

“I was like, ‘Yeah man, we do it all the time'”, he goes on. “We’re like, ‘Oh my God, I think we’re gonna do the Super Bowl!’ And then it’ll be like, Madonna or Katy Perry, or somebody like that”.

After being passed over a number of times, Grohl reckons an incident at a party might have actually scuppered the band’s chances of ever getting booked to play the big sporting bash once and for all.

“I actually got really hammered at this party in France once, and got to meet the dude that does the Super Bowl thing”, he says. “I was like, ‘I don’t even want to do the Super Bowl! I used to want to do it – now I don’t want to do it anymore!'”

Yeah, saying that you don’t want to do a thing does often make people think that you don’t want to do that thing. But it doesn’t really matter that the Foos never get booked for this gig, because the band’s drummer Taylor Hawkins reckons that playing the Super Bowl “always seems to be the final chapter in your career”.

“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s jumping the shark, I don’t know”, adds Grohl, before admitting “we’re just trying to come up with excuses why we haven’t done it”.

Indeed, whoever heard of that Beyonce following her Super Bowl outing? Anyone? Actually, Hawkins is wrong, plenty of acts have done the Super Bowl and gone on to have new successes in their career. Katy Perry didn’t jump the shark, and her Super Bowl show had jumping sharks in it. Although, if Hawkins’ theory does sometimes stand up, well, we can always hold out hope that it might apply to Maroon 5.