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Casey Dienel drops lawsuit against Justin Bieber and Skrillex

By | Published on Wednesday 20 December 2017

Justin Bieber

Musician Casey Dienel, formerly known as White Hinterland, has dropped a lawsuit against Justin Bieber and Skrillex in which she claimed that they ripped off one of her songs for their hit ‘Sorry’.

As previously reported, Dienel went legal in May last year, claiming that Bieber and Skrillex had lifted the “unique characteristics of the female vocal riff” from her 2014 White Hinterland single ‘Ring The Bell”.

“Like most artists that sample music, Bieber could have licensed my song for use in ‘Sorry'”, she said at the time. “But he chose not to contact me. After the release of ‘Sorry’, my lawyers sent Bieber a letter regarding the infringement, but Bieber’s team again chose to ignore me”.

The accusation prompted Skrillex to post a video online showing how he created the vocal riff himself, using vocals recorded by one of the song’s co-writers Julia Michaels.

Dienel nonetheless pressed on with her legal action. Although now, according to TMZ, more than a year and a half later, she has moved to have the case dismissed. It’s not clear what prompted this or if any behind the scenes negotiations have taken place.