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Cassette Store Day is back

By | Published on Wednesday 17 June 2015

Cassette Store Day

“But ‘cassette stores’ aren’t even a thing”, approximately seven people in your Twitter feed are currently complaining.

Yeah? Well tough, that won’t stop Cassette Store Day returning for its third year this October. Because while the cassette revival may be a lot smaller than the actually-pretty-modest-in-itself vinyl revival, it’s still a thing that is happening. And the fact that this annoys you all so much amuses me greatly. More tapes, I say!

And more tapes there will be this year, as CSD expands into more countries around the world, with labels in Australia, New Zealand and Germany coming on board for the first time.

Co-founder of the event Jen Long says: “Cassette tapes aren’t just a format, they’re a culture, and cassette culture is as much about collaboration as doing it yourself. This year we’ve gone even further to try and include as many tape fans around the world. We want as many people as possible to be able to get involved and put out a tape, put on a gig or event, or get hold of that release they really want”.

Co-ordinator of US proceedings Burger Records added: “The snowball that is Cassette Store Day rolls into 2015 bigger, better and badder than ever before! When we’re done spreading the good word of our fave format no one will ever ask ‘Why cassettes?’ again! BURGER BELIEVE THAT!”

Yes indeed. And applications for events, labels and record shops which want join in will open on 11 Jul. More details on that via shortly.

Cassette Store Day itself will take place on 22 Oct.