Celador buys Midwest Radio

By | Published on Monday 19 December 2011

Celador Radio

The acquisitive Celador Radio Broadcasting, one of the UK’s smaller commercial radio operators, but one that is growing, has added another station to its portfolio, by buying Somerset and Dorset based Midwest Radio.

Midwest Radio, which began life as two separate stations, Ivel FM and Vale FM, was previously owned by a totally independent company, whose Chairman, Paul Roberts, told Radio Today: “We are very pleased with the sale of Midwest Radio to Celador. They have a great passion for radio, as does everyone based at Midwest. We wish the whole team good luck in their future broadcasting”.

It’s not clear what Celador plans to do with the station, ie whether it will remain as Midwest Radio, or rebrand as a Breeze station. Although not all Celador stations use that name, the company has been building something of a Breeze network in the South and Southwest.