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Charlotte Church “hated” Crazy Chick

By | Published on Wednesday 3 October 2012

Charlotte Church

Did you hate ‘Crazy Chick’ by Charlotte Church when it came out? Don’t worry, so did she.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the singer now says that her then label, SonyBMG, added the song to her 2005 ‘Tissues And Issues’ album because she hadn’t managed to write any strong singles herself. Presumably, given the long player was meant to be Church’s big breakthrough into pop, the label wanted to some big radio hits on there.

Says Church: “I’m more stronger [now] in my conviction of what I want to do. When you’re first trying to write, people tell you, ‘That’s no good, it’s pretty shit really’. It knocks you for six, so you generally tend to go along with [them]. That was the case with ‘Crazy Chick’. I presented an album that I had been writing with different people when I was sixteen/seventeen, to which the record company said, ‘It’s alright, it’s not great, so we’ll slap a couple of singles on it and get it out'”.

She continued: “I was furious – and then it was ‘Crazy Chick’ and this, that and the other – so I hated that song from its conception. I understood it was a pop hit, but I hated it because it didn’t mean anything – I don’t think it helped anyone with their emotional problems – and it was just a bit of throwaway pop, which I wasn’t about”.