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Cher and Wu-Tang collaborate at last

By | Published on Thursday 8 May 2014


A tiny, tiny, tiny bit of rap clique Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming one-of-a-kind LP, ‘The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’, aka the arty one in the priceless silver case, is now online. And heaven’s above, it has Cher’s voice on it. As in, Cher. ‘Mermaids’ Cher. ‘The’ Cher. Now, breathe deeply and let it sink in.

Anyhow. Cher sings “Wu-Tang, baby / They rock the world” in a clip of a mystery track featuring WTC’s Ghostface Killah, which was played to a Forbes writer by its producer Tarik Azzourgarh the other day. A rep for Team Cher then confirmed that Cher (THE Cher) features on two ‘The Wu’ tracks in total, telling Rolling Stone: “She recorded her parts separately, so I don’t believe there was direct interaction”. And really, all this isn’t as shocking as you might think, because lo, Cher’s name was on the LP’s online blurb (which listed one Bonnie Jo Mason, an early alias of Cher’s, as a guest) the whole time.

So, that’s a thing. There’s no denying it isn’t a thing. Once the one and only copy of ‘The Wu’ is out, it’s going ‘on tour’ to various art galleries all over the world, and finally, being sold off in an auction to the highest bidder.

Wu-Tang are supposed to be following up on ‘The Wu’ with a plain old ‘normal’ LP, their long-delayed ensemble piece ‘A Better Tomorrow’, which is set to have a conventional release later this year. That’s semi-pending Raekwon ending his “strike”, and making peace with RZA. Though as previously reported, RZA might just push on with the album with or without Raekwon. Who honestly knows?