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CISAC welcomes joint statement from German and French governments on author rights in the digital single market

By | Published on Wednesday 8 April 2015


CISAC, the group that brings together the music publishing sector’s collecting sectors from all over the world, has welcomed a joint statement put out by ministers in Germany and France, which, says the copyright body, “signals the elevation of creators’ rights to the top of Europe’s policy agenda and recognises creators as drivers of economic growth”.

CISAC says that the statement from Germany’s Federal Minister For Justice And Consumer Protection Heiko Maas and France’s Minister For Culture And Communication Fleur Pellerin backs its position that protecting the rights of authors (and their business partners, presumably) should be an integral part of the ‘digital single market’ that is being talked about so much in Brussels these days.

Says CISAC: “France and Germany’s joint position has further emphasised that the modernisation of authors’ rights/copyright in Europe should be examined within the wider context of the digital single market package, in which establishing fair rules and fair regulations for all stakeholders should be a priority. This stresses the two countries’ intention to bring their legislative success in the analogue world to the digital context”.

CISAC’s Director General Gadi Oron adds: “Our 230 member societies around the world represent nearly four million creators who depend on effective protection for their works. The European territory is the largest market for royalty collections, accounting for 61% of the overall collections internationally. This figure not only shows the importance of the European market for creators, but also demonstrates the significant economic and cultural role played by creators”

He adds: “It is vital to ensure that Europe continues to serve as a model for norm setting on authors’ rights/copyright. Clear legislative commitments on the protection of creators’ rights in Europe would go a long way in helping to strengthen the position of creators in other regions”.