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CMU at Output in Belfast

By | Published on Friday 19 May 2023

Next month CMU’s Chris Cooke will be at Output in Belfast taking part in three sessions across the day on Thursday 1 Jun.

He will kick things off with a keynote speed briefing all about the economics of streaming debate, and the work that has been ongoing in the UK since the Parliamentary inquiry into streaming. He’ll run through the various initiatives that are trying to make the digital music business more equitable and transparent for the whole music community.

He’ll then be joined by representatives of some of the organisations that make up the Council Of Music Makers to discuss what artists, songwriters, producers and their managers need from record labels, music publishers and the streaming services to help them better manage the digital side of their own music-maker businesses.

Then, at 2.45pm, Chris will be joined by Phil Nelson of the Pathways Into Music Foundation, the not-for-profit organisation that exists to build connections between the music industry and music education, and to support those early on in their music careers. Chris and Phil will discuss their ongoing work mapping the music industry, music education and music careers.

For more information on the full Output line up for 2023 click here.