And Finally Beef Of The Week

CMU Beef Of The Week #01: Adam Buxton v Stereophonics

By | Published on Saturday 9 January 2010

We’re just coming out of the season of goodwill and everyone is still in love with each other. Some might say it’s not the best week to start a new column chronicling bickering in the music world. Those people are wrong.

Look, here’s what BBC 6music presenter Adam Buxton had to say about Stereophonics this week in an interview with Metro: “I never miss a chance to bad mouth the Stereophonics. We got my dad to interview them at V97 and Kelly Jones took the piss out of him. It isn’t difficult to take the piss out of a confused, posh, 83-year-old man and they didn’t do it in a funny way either. Their music is also incredibly boring”.

Adam also made a video recently, in which he asks: What are the Stereophonics thinking about? Watch it here.

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