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CMU Beef Of The Week #48: Beefs Of The Year 2010

By | Published on Saturday 18 December 2010

Every Friday in 2010, we selected our favourite pop argument from the previous seven days and featured it here in the Beef Of The Week column. Some weeks, I’ll admit, the population of Planet Pop hadn’t been overly argumentative. But mostly, thanks to the volatile nature of your average pop star, people had been at each other’s throats plenty, meaning we had to pick with petty squabble was best.

We’ve had Tommy Lee asking SeaWorld to stop wanking off their killer whales, Billy Corgan telling pavement they’re ripping off fans by only playing the songs those fans want to hear them play, Calvin Harris choking on his breakfast upon hearing a new Chris Brown single, The New Pornographers having a gig cancelled because people thought they were actual pornographers, and dolphins shitting in Kelly Rowland‘s face. But here, for your enjoyment, are our top five favourite beefs of 2010.

1: 5 Nov – MC Hammer v Jay-Z
Beefs in hip hop are generally quite tedious, and mostly laid on for promotional purposes. This one, however, is brilliant. Incensed by, he later revealed, what he felt were a series of attacks on Christianity by Jay-Z, MC Hammer has penned a new track, and filmed an accompanying video, to give him a proper telling off. Jay-Z was bemused. [read]

2: 15 Jan – Dappy v a Radio 1 listener
As a celebrity, you will get some criticism. You’re supposed to let it wash over you. You’re not – I repeat, NOT – supposed to find out your critic’s mobile phone number and start sending them threats. But that’s what Dappy from N-Dubz did when someone insulted him during an appearance on Radio 1. He was later dropped, along with the rest of N-Dubz, as an ambassador for an anti-bullying campaign. [read]

3: 26 Nov – Axl Rose v Slash via Guitar Hero
Axl Rose had to appear in the top five somewhere, and there were plenty of opportunities for him to do so. This is brilliant, though. Last month, Rose launched a $20 million dollar lawsuit against Activision, maker of the ‘Guitar Hero’ video game series, for “emphasising and reinforcing an association between Slash and Guns N Roses and the band’s song ‘Welcome To The Jungle'”. [read]

4: 30 Jul – Kings Of Leon v critical pigeons
If Dappy can’t hack seeing text messages from strangers who don’t like him, I hate to think how he’d cope with having pigeons shitting directly into his mouth during a live performance. That’s criticism no one wants. In the case of Kings Of Leon back in July, they watched their two support acts get pelted with bird shit dropping from the rafters at a venue in Missouri, before struggling through two and a half songs and walking off. [read]

5: 26 Feb and 5 Mar – Courtney Love v Lily Allen
Like Axl Rose, Courtney Love is someone who had to appear somewhere in our top five, and this beef is so good it spread over two weeks. And, indeed, two awards ceremonies. It started with a quarrel over a dress at the BRIT Awards and carried over to the NME Awards the following week, before Lily and Courtney started hurling insults (and unflattering pictures) at each other on Twitter. [read: part 1 | part 2]

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