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CMU Insights: Making Money From Music Copyright Seminars

By | Published on Wednesday 16 January 2019


The first CMU Insights seminar series of 2019 is our always popular ‘Making Money From Music Copyright’ programme, which kicks off on Monday 4 Feb.

If you are writing songs, recording tracks, releasing music, distributing music, selling music, licensing music, broadcasting music, staging gigs, promoting clubs, running venues or doing the sync thing, then you are creating, exploiting, managing and/or utilising music copyright. So welcome to the copyright business!

Copyright matters can get pretty complex pretty quickly for a variety of reasons, though the basics are actually quite straight-forward. And with these three evening seminars from CMU, we will talk you through all the basics in a concise and easy-to-follow fashion.

Find out what enjoys copyright protection for how long, who owns a copyright, and what controls come with the copyright. Get your head around the difference between recording rights and song rights, mechanical rights and performing rights, direct licensing and collective licensing, contractual rights and performer rights. And, perhaps most importantly of all, find out about all the different ways music copyright makes money.

These three seminars, taking place on consecutive Monday evenings from 4 Feb at the London HQ of Lewis Silkin, explain how music copyright works, talk through the ins and outs of music licensing, and provide an overview of the music rights sector, including streaming, physical product, sync and public performance. You can book into individual seminars for £49.99 or all three for just £125, including VAT and booking fees.

Find out more and book in here.