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CMU Insights Webinar: The Evolution Of Music Piracy

By | Published on Friday 27 November 2020


CMU’s Weekly Webinars continue every Tuesday at 2.30pm. We are currently presenting a number of sessions looking at the evolution of different aspects of the music industry.

The next of those puts the spotlight on ‘The Evolution Of Music Piracy’. It looks at the piracy challenge over the last 20 years, how the music industry has sought to tackle the problem, and which anti-piracy tactics actually work today.

Topics covered include…

• What the law says about copyright infringement. • The rise of online piracy in the 2000s and the industry’s initial response. • The rise of stream ripping and today’s piracy challenges. • What the industry at large can do about music piracy today. • What individual rightsholders can do about music piracy today

You can book a place on this webinar – and watch it live or on-demand, or both – for just £25. Or book into a number of CMU’s upcoming webinars to get further discounts. Get all the info you need here.