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CMU Podcast returns

By | Published on Friday 12 June 2015

CMU Podcast

Like a child character in your favourite soap opera, two years ago the CMU Podcast nipped out for a pint of milk and was never heard of again. But now it’s returning, all grown up and inappropriately dressed, and we’re all duty bound to never mention either the two year absence or the fact that Todd is now clearly being played by another actor.

Which is a round about way of saying: the CMU Podcast is back! Once again we’ll be providing you with a weekly round up of the biggest stories, the best tracks and the silliest moments in music and the music business, all in a handy audio format.

And in today’s first edition CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke discuss what the launch of Apple Music means for the streaming sector, what caused Glasgow venue The Arches to close, why Kobalt has just bought itself a collecting society, and why Walmart employees hate Justin Bieber so much.

You can listen right now right here on the CMU website, but you should subscribe to make sure you never miss an edition. You can do this on an assortment of platforms, including iTunes, SoundCloud, audioBoom, YouTube, Mixcloud and RSS. So no excuses.

The all-new CMU Podcast has been made possible by 7digital, which is sponsoring the weekly music business digest, which will be recorded each week at the company’s Unique Facilities studios in London.

Confirming his company’s support for the weekly podcast, 7digital CEO Simon Cole said: “Anyone working in the music industry knows how rapidly things change these days, and it’s great that there are services like CMU to help keep us all up to date with the latest developments. We’re really pleased to support the relaunch of the popular CMU Podcast, a weekly round up in audio form, now recorded in our own Unique Facilities studio at 7digital’s London headquarters. As a provider of both music and radio services, it’s great to be supporting a radio-style programme about the music business”.