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CMU’s guide to Wednesday at the Great Escape Convention

By | Published on Thursday 10 May 2018

The Great Escape 2018

As The Great Escape comes well and truly into view, the CMU Daily will guide you through the wider convention programme day-by-day. Today: Wednesday’s activities.

Don’t forget, the Great Escape Convention kicks off a day earlier this year, with a day of talks and debates on Wednesday 16 May before the TGE festival gets going.

At the heart of Wednesday’s proceedings is the first of three CMU Insights conferences that will be presented this year: The Education Conference at the Dukes at Komedia cinema complex. CMU Insights has teamed up with Urban Development and BIMM to present this conference, which will explore all the recent headlines that had declared there to be a ‘crisis’ in music education, while seeking to bring together both music educators and music employers.

The first half of the day will answer the question, what do we even mean by music education? CMU Insights has been busy mapping the wider music education sector, and will present an overview of the all the different kinds of music education that currently exist in England, including music classes, extra-curricular lessons and programmes, GCSEs and A-Levels, college courses and university degrees, industry-led initiatives and continued professional development. Having identified all the segments, we’ll then talk to some of the people working in each different area of the sector.

The second half of the day is focused on music careers, and the plethora of roles and opportunities in the business of music, both on and off stage. Are young people being made aware of all those opportunities, let alone being provided with the skills and knowledge they need to capitalise on them? Where that is successfully happening, could those initiatives and teaching programmes be made available across the board? Having explored the career options, that’s the big debate that will close the day.

Once the conference is complete, all attention will then switch to Brighton Beach where a brand new TGE venue will open its doors for the first time: called The Beach. This will be first opportunity for delegates to experience this new hub, which comes complete with two venues, bars, food stalls, hang out areas and pop up performance spaces. BIMM is also co-hosting the welcome party, alongside Jimmy’s Beer and Republic Of Music.

Both conference and party are open to TGE delegate pass holders, plus standalone tickets are also available to The Education Conference – click here.

Look out for CMU’s guide to Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the TGE Convention over the next few days.