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Collecting societies back Music At Work Week

By | Published on Friday 22 November 2019

The two main UK music industry collecting societies have formally backed a new campaign called Music At Work Week. Somewhat unsurprisingly. Want music at work? Then you need to buy yourself a PRS and PPL licence.

Still, imagine having to work somewhere that doesn’t allow you to play music in the office. Music At Work Week – which is next week, by the way – has been set up to promote the benefit of having a musical background in the work place.

It’s being spearheaded by Julia Jones who earlier this year published a book called ‘The Music Diet’ which, she says, “provides a simple overview of key music neuroscience principles, demonstrating how music produces significant positive effects on the brain and body, especially when consumed regularly”.

Explaining the rationale behind the Music At Work Week initiative, she adds: “People need to know that consuming a little music each day, at home and/or at work, can improve their life. This isn’t a fantasy, it’s fact. Thanks to scientific research we know music triggers important feel good brain chemicals”.

As well as encouraging employers to have some music playing in their workplaces next week (fully licensed, obviously), there will be other activities happening in Music At Work Week. That includes musicians and choirs visiting various places of work and a Battle Of The Office Bands competition being run in partnership with advertising and marketing industry magazine The Drum.

Supporting all this, PRS boss Andrea C Martin says: “Study after study has shown how the right music can benefit the workplace – from the office to the factory floor, music improves staff morale and can boost productivity. With our colleagues across the industry, we support Music At Work Week and hope more businesses will discover the benefits music can bring”.

Meanwhile at PPL, CEO Peter Leathem adds: “The level of understanding around how our brains respond to music is increasing all the time. Back in 1940s, the BBC introduced the highly popular ‘Music While You Work’ programme in order to increase productivity in factories during the war and the show went on to run for over a quarter of a century. Music At Work Week is a positive initiative, which allows for businesses and individuals to explore the potential benefits of listening to music as they go about their working day”.