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Conrad Murray prosecutors urge judge to ban Jackson files being handed over to insurers for civil case

By | Published on Friday 2 September 2011

Conrad Murray

Prosecutors in the upcoming Conrad Murray trial have asked the judge hearing the case to stop the release of documents from the LA emergency services and coroner’s office, which relate to the death of Michael Jackson, to the insurers of the late king of pop’s doomed O2 London residency.

As previously reported, insurer Lloyds Of London is locked in civil litigation with the O2 residency’s promoters AEG Live. Lloyds insured some of the planned Michael Jackson live shows, but is refusing to pay out since their cancellation, arguing Jackson and AEG failed to tell the company about all the prescription drugs the singer was taking on a regular basis, and as such the insurance policy is void. The insurance firm requested various papers relating to Jackson’s health and death to aid its legal case against the live music giant.

But prosecutors leading the case against Dr Conrad Murray, the medic accused of causing Michael Jackson’s death by negligently administering the drug Propofol, fear that if confidential papers are handed over they may be leaked to the media, and if published could jeopardise the trial.

According to the Associated Press, a filing from the District Attorney’s office says: “The pending criminal case against Conrad Murray regarding the death of Michael Jackson has received significant, unrelenting media attention. Because of the heightened media interest surrounding this case, it is more likely that a leak to the media or a similar compromise in the confidentiality of these documents would occur”.

The judge is yet to respond. Jury selection for the much delayed Murray trial is due to kick off next Thursday.