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Dan Le Sac on Royal Blood

By | Published on Thursday 18 September 2014

Dan Le Sac

Following on from last week’s look back at Bestival, Dan Le Sac has written another column for CMU, this time looking at the rise of Royal Blood. No, it’s not a tedious ‘rock is back’ write-up. This is a message of hope, that it’s still possible to ‘make it’ in music just by being good, without the gimmicks.

Writes Dan: “Google ‘Sept 2014 album releases’ and in a couple of clicks, after some epic finger counting, you’ll find over 115 albums listed that are out this month, right across the musical spectrum of genre, size and scale. So any band (expect U2) can be forgiven for doing that controversial ‘viral’ promo or agreeing to a Converse hook-up to push themselves above the other 114 releases. Yet looking at the last nine months of Royal Blood’s career these routines are nowhere to be seen”.

“I’m not stupid enough to suggest that luck didn’t play its part here”, he adds. “But if Royal Blood do have a trick, it’s glaringly simple. They wrote great songs, smashed a veritable shit tonne of gigs, and did it all with joy. Ultimately, they prove to the doomsayers that if you’re genuinely good at what you do, put in the graft, and play with a straight bat, the world will pay attention”.

Read Dan’s column in full here.