Danish Supreme Court upholds Bay block order

By | Published on Friday 28 May 2010

In what is presumably the final chapter of a long running sub-section of The Pirate Bay story, the Supreme Court in Denmark has ordered Danish tel co Telenor to block access to the rogue BitTorrent file-sharing site. The Supreme Court backed two rulings made in lower Danish courts regarding the telephone firm’s obligations to stop copyright infringement by blocking access to the Bay.

Welcoming the latest ruling, a legal rep for the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry told reporters: “The decision is perfectly clear. It confirms that internet service providers are part of the solution to the problem [of illegal downloading]. It is an imperative for the continued growth and success of legal downloading services, that the spread of illegal services be curbed”.

The IFPI added that it expects the precedent set in the Telenor case to be enough to persuade other Danish ISPs to likewise try and block access to The Pirate Bay.