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Daphni announces Fabriclive mix

By | Published on Thursday 25 May 2017

Dan Snaith / Daphni / Caribou

Daphni – aka the other alter ego of Dan Snaith, who you’ll also know as Caribou – has announced that he will release a Fabriclive mix later this summer. It stands out among other instalments of the mix series in that it features only music produced by himself – with 23 original tracks and four remixes of other artists.

On his actual mix, he says: “I embarked on it thinking that I could have a mix with lots of exclusive new stuff that would make it unique/justify its existence but as I worked on it I became more and more intent upon making it all my own tracks. A lot of these tracks were recorded in situ in the mix itself – I’d put one track in place and instead of searching through existing music to find the track to follow it I’d just make an entirely new one”.

“You’d expect a DJ mix where someone made each track to follow the previous one to be very homogenous”, he goes on. “To seem like it was planned out and build in a controlled way. I think the result is almost exactly the opposite! The tracks on here pull from very diverse ends of the spectrum of music that I like/make. In the end, I just sort of charged ahead following my nose as to where the mix should head next. I hope that some of that sense of intuition translates to those listening to the finished mix”.

One of those tracks, ‘Face To Face’, is available on Bandcamp now. The full mix is due out on 21 Jul: