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Dave Grohl breaks leg on stage, finishes show

By | Published on Monday 15 June 2015

Dave Grohl

It’s not a competition, and we shouldn’t try to play these things as if they were, but Dave Grohl definitely wins at coping with on-stage injuries compared to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Michael Clifford. Hands down. He runs right past the finishing post with Clifford nowhere in sight. Or at least he would if his leg wasn’t broken.

During a Foo Fighters show in Sweden on Friday night, Grohl fell off the stage during the second song of the performance. “I think I just broke my leg”, he told the audience after clambering back on stage. “I think I really broke my leg”.

And he really did break his leg, which would probably seem like a bit of a problem. Not for Dave Grohl though. He had already hatched a plan.

“You have my promise right now that the Foo Fighters [are] gonna come back and finish this show”, he announced. “But right now, I’m gonna go to the hospital, I’m gonna fix my leg. But then I’m gonna come back, and we’re gonna play for you again! I’m so sorry!”

And so off he hobbled to hospital (or, actually, to be treated by medics backstage), leaving his bandmates to perform an hour long set of covers, before Grohl returned, leg in plaster cast, to play another two and a half hours of Foo Fighters songs. I don’t think I like any band enough to want to see them play for almost four hours, but well done Dave nonetheless.

All’s well that ends well, I guess. Though I do now feel a bit bad for suggesting Michael Clifford was a bit soft for not finishing that 5 Seconds Of Summer gig. Especially as their show was pretty much over anyway. And being accidently burned by pyrotechnics is potentially a far more serious injury. I think the only way to resolve this is if Dave Grohl commits to set fire to his head at the next Foo Fighters gig.

But that will have to wait, because the Foo Fighters have cancelled their next two shows at the Pinkpop Festival on 14 Jun and in St Gallen, Switzerland on 16 Jun due to Grohl’s fractured leg. Hey, at least 5 Seconds Of Summer came back the next night.