DDEX extends membership

By | Published on Monday 24 January 2011


And another digital announcement from MIDEM, this one related to the Digital Data Exchange Consortium, that previously reported project which encourages everyone in the digital content domain, from content makers and suppliers to sellers and distributors, to use the same metadata systems, so to simplify the communication of data relating to digital content, and therefore reduce the costs associated with it.

The news this weekend was that Google, EMI and the aforementioned Omnifone have become ‘charter members’ of the consortium, and have taken seats on its board. I thought EMI was already involved, but presumably not. Anyway, the new announcement means all four majors are now on board, as well as a stack of collecting societies, distributors and tech and tel co firms, including Nokia, Apple and Orange.

Confirming the new recruits, DDEX chair Kirit Joshi said: “The additions of Google, including the YouTube service, EMI Music and Omnifone to the DDEX Board are powerful indicators of the growing support for the DDEX standards among the leaders in music and technology around the world”.