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Deezer adds real-time lyrics translations tool

By | Published on Monday 11 April 2022


Want to be able to sing along to your favourite pop song in another language? Well, Deezer is here to help. “Users no longer have to compromise the meaning of a song or its lyrics when streaming music in its original language”, reckons the streaming firm.

Basically, the Deezer app’s in-built time-synced lyrics feature now offers the option to see real-time lyric translations for the most popular English language pop songs, so that you can see the lyrics in French, German, Spanish or Portuguese if you so wish.

For French, German, Spanish and Portuguese speakers, it helps users understand what their favourite artists are actually singing about (generic love, sex and relationships stuff, probably).

Meanwhile, Deezer adds, English speakers can “use the function to improve their language skills or learn a new language through music”. Especially if they’ve always wanted to talk about generic love, sex and relationships stuff in French, German, Spanish or Portuguese. Everyone’s a winner!

“Music fans have always been able to immerse themselves in the thoughts and feelings of the artist with our widely popular lyrics function”, says Deezer’s Alexandra Leloup. “But with our new ‘lyrics translation’ feature, they can now discover the artist’s true meaning behind their favourite tunes, and even sharpen their language skills, or totally learn a new language, in the process”.