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Deezer invests in livestreaming start-up Dreamstage

By | Published on Thursday 6 May 2021


Deezer has jumped on the livestreaming bandwagon – and why not, it’s a great bandwagon – by investing in a US-based start-up called Dreamstage, which is headed up by former Sony Music exec Thomas Hesse.

Dreamstage doesn’t actually stage dreams, in case you wondered. But, presumably, it allows artists to pursue their dreams to livestream from their stages. Oh, and while they’re doing so, to sell some merch and VIP experiences, and/or collect some lovely fan donations. If they want to. That’s all possible on the Dreamstage platform, see, alongside selling some tickets and sponsorship, obviously.

“Dreamstage’s technology has delivered over 50 live shows since launch”, says the official announcement of Deezer’s investment. “This has brought a rich live music experience into fans’ homes, and has provided a wide variety of musicians with the means to generate income during the pandemic”.

The new investment from Deezer, it then adds, “will help accelerate the roll-out of Dreamstage’s product, expand its range of content and grow market share. The companies will also look at new opportunities for how music fans can benefit from Dreamstage’s livestreaming capabilities”.

“We believe that Dreamstage is the best live music platform on the market today”, says Deezer chief Hans-Holger Albrecht. “It’s well placed to become the ultimate online music destination for both fans and artists. Music fans can finally enjoy an authentic concert experience that is more than just a video call”.

“Dreamstage and Deezer share a vision of supporting talent across a wide variety of genres”, he goes on. “Live shows provide musicians with crucial revenue opportunities during these challenging times. This aligns closely with our mission to connect artists with their fans through our Originals projects, recorded sessions and editorial content”.

Hesse, meanwhile, adds: “Dreamstage is rapidly developing as a leading premium player in the thriving streaming concert business, creating unique moments for artists and fans to connect across the globe”.

“We are excited to join forces with Deezer who share our vision to innovate and capture this massive new opportunity”, he concludes. “Together, we will nurture and propagate the emerging live music video format, and help artists grow and delight virtual audiences everywhere. We are THRILLED and honoured to transform live music for the long term with Deezer as a visionary entrepreneurial partner”.