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Deezer launches its own song identification software, SongCatcher

By | Published on Monday 18 December 2017


Earlier this year, Spotify bought Sonalytic. Last week, Apple forked out $400 million for Shazam. On Friday, Deezer launched its own audio identification software, because apparently that’s a thing you can do. No fun for fans of expensive acquisitions, though.

Called SongCatcher, the new software is already available in beta to selected Deezer users, allowing them to identify songs they hear when they’re out and about within the streaming service’s app. From there, they can add identified tracks to their libraries or just play them straight away in full. Do I really need to explain all this to you?

“Deezer SongCatcher is something that our product team has been working on for some time as we recognise that there is clear demand from music fans to find out the name of an unknown track or artist when they are listening to music”, says Chief Product & Content Officer Alexander Holland. “The beta has proven very positive and so we are excited to be able to officially communicate the launch of Deezer SongCatcher to all music fans around the world”.

The new feature comes at just the right time as, presumably, with Apple now in charge of market leader song identifier Shazam, Deezer – along with Spotify and Google Play Music – all of which are currently integrated with the Shazam app – are going to be increasingly concerned about said app gathering data on their users for a key streaming music rival.

Powered by audio fingerprinting technology ACRCloud, Deezer SongCatcher will be rolled out to Android users over the coming months. There are also plans to add the feature to Deezer’s iOS app.