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Def Leppard tribute act seeks one-armed drummer

By | Published on Tuesday 11 January 2011

Def Leppard

I’d give my right arm to play in a Def Leppard tribute band. Unfortunately, I don’t think that would be much use in this case, as I think Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen is missing his left one. Still, I should check, as a Dallas-based Def Leppard tribute act calling themselves Pyromania are advertising for a one-armed drummer.

The handwritten ad, a picture of which was posted on music blog Exile On Moan Street last week, reads, “Dallas, Texas’ hottest Def Leppard tribute band is seeking one arm drummer (no prosthetics). Must have pro gear, flame retardant kit and stick”.

This band should not be confused with a Californian Def Leppard tribute act of the same name, who have issued this statement on the matter: “Seems there is a Def Leppard tribute band in Dallas who call themselves Pyromania and are looking for a one-armed drummer. We wanted to set the record straight that we have nothing to do with this ad and we are not looking for a drummer and feel it is in VERY BAD TASTE! We have much respect for Rick Allen and Def Leppard and we have a great love and honour for their music. Please do not confuse us with this complete disgusting and disrespectful behaviour”.

Hmm, if I’d known in advance that it was in such poor taste, I probably wouldn’t have said all that stuff about cutting my own arm off. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.