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Disclosure and Lorde’s collaboration at the BRITs tonight might be a load of old nonsense

By | Published on Wednesday 19 February 2014


Disclosure haven’t managed to rehearse their BRITs performance with Lorde yet. And the BRIT Awards are tonight. You can see why that might be a problem.

Howard Lawrence of the teen dance sensation told The Daily Star: “It’s been tough getting things ready as we’ve been on the road. So we’ve been constantly on the phone with Lorde, organising stuff. It was somebody else’s idea to hook up so we haven’t even met her yet. We’ve only been able to communicate remotely or through Skype because we’ve been so far away”.

Oh dear. But are they worried? Hell no, they’re not worried. “We get a few hours’ rehearsal before the performance so hopefully it will come together”, Lawrence continued, adding: “She was amazing at the Grammys. That gave us an idea what to expect at the BRITs”.

See, they know the gist. And anyway, if the live performance is looking really ropey, they can always pretend.