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Disclosure chat about twisting Sam Smith’s Bond song

By | Published on Thursday 1 October 2015


If you’re a big Sam Smith fan but you think that Bond theme is a bit mediocre, then worry not. It was probably Disclosure’s fault.

The duo have chatted about their input on the new Bond song telling Red Bull: “We didn’t have too much involvement but I’m pretty proud we were involved at all. Sam and Jimmy [Napes] wrote this incredible song for the Bond theme called ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ and they then came to us and asked us to give it a bit more of a contemporary feel”.

They add: “The song was already fully written and was incredible but it was just Sam with a piano and an orchestra and it sounded very classic – an amazing classic Bond song, like ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ or ‘Goldfinger’. They asked us to put our twist on things and we just added a few little bits and made it a bit more electronic sounding, really quite subtle. But yeah man we helped with a fucking Bond theme! I’m so proud”.

Put their twist on things? Yeah, that’s definitely code for “made it a bit shit”. No, not really. I’m sure ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ being the most lacklustre Bond theme in years is all Sam Smith’s fault. Then again, it seems set to become the first ever Bond song to top the UK charts. So what do I know?