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DJ Khaled puts his shoe cupboard on Airbnb

By | Published on Monday 21 November 2022

DJ Khaled in his shoe closet

Vice’s long-running London Rental Opportunity Of The Week column has long criticised flats that are little more than a shoe closet. But here’s a shoe closet you might actually want to stay in. DJ Khaled has teamed up with Airbnb to rent out the cupboard where he stores his shoes for two nights next month.

As cupboards go, it’s pretty roomy. You might even call it a room. There’s a double bed in there and still plenty of space. Alright, there are a lot of shoes filling up all the shelves, but I’m not sure any of them have actually been worn, so it shouldn’t smell too bad. And even if it does, the cost of staying in Khaled’s cupboard is only $11 a night, so what do you expect?

“Sneakers are an essential part of hip hop culture and collecting them is an art – just like creating music”, he says. ”We bring the same passion and energy to the shoe game as we do the studio. That’s why we’re excited to share our sneaker kingdom with fans and give them a chance to walk in our shoes, literally”.

Those of you who are aware of just how into trainers (or sneakers, if you like) Khaled is might be surprised to learn that the producer is planning to allow fans to spend a night in the room where his valuable shoe collection is stored.

And you’d be right to be surprised. Also, he isn’t. If you take up this offer, what you’ll actually be staying in is a replica of Khaled’s real closet. And it’s also not in his house. It’s quite likely that the shoes on display don’t even really belong to producer either.

Actually, we know that at least one pair definitely won’t be Khaled’s own trainers, because whoever rents out the place will get themselves a pair of We The Best Air Jordan 5s – his new collaboration with Nike – all of their very own.

That’s not all you get, either, as part of this package. As well as a bed in a room full of shoes, there’s also access to an outdoor lounge and pool – and this is in Miami, so it’ll be warm, don’t worry. Plus, your celebrity host will leave you a handwritten note and you’ll also get a free meal from his The Licking – Miami Gardens restaurant.

On top of all that, you’ll also be taken on a private shopping session at Miami’s 305 Kicks sneakers (trainers, if you like) store, and you’ll then visit other spots around the city that Khaled thinks are just tip top.

You’ll have to sort out your own transport to Miami, but if that works for you, then all you need to do now is logon to Airbnb at 6pm UK time on 29 Nov and choose whether you want to stay in the sneaker room on 5 or 6 Dec. I think the two nights available will be dished out on a first come first served basis, and what could possibly go wrong with that?