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Django Django announce new album Off Planet

By | Published on Thursday 9 February 2023

Django Django have announced their fifth album, ‘Off Planet’, which they are releasing in four parts between now and June. The first five tracks are out now, including new single ‘Complete Me’, featuring Self Esteem.

“The instrumental for ‘Complete Me’ was made sometime in 2020 or 21 when the world was in lockdown and I was making music in my garden shed studio”, says the band’s Dave Maclean. “It was a dance track that I didn’t really know what to do with”.

He then sent it to Self Esteem “and she loved the vibe of it and really quickly came up with some vocal ideas that kind of stuck straight away and locked well with the track”, he goes on. “The production was inspired by a lot of 90s breakbeat house and hip-house records that I’ve always been really into and loved DJing with over the years”.

Maclean originally started working on the tracks that became ‘Off Planet’ “very specifically to be not Django Django”, but as they were passed around his bandmates they began to make sense in the context of the band’s back catalogue.

They then hit upon the idea of getting friends to contribute to some of the tracks – as well as Self Esteem, calling in Jack Penate, Stealing Sheep, Toya Delazy, Bernardo and more.

The finished album, says Maclean, is “just about everything we love, whether that’s old psychedelia or Detroit techno, [anything that] has that futuristic or outer space feel, and I think we can’t help putting that into what we do”.

Once released in its four quarters, the complete ‘Off Planet’ will be made available on 16 Jun. Listen to ‘Complete Me’ here: