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Django Django announce new EP

By | Published on Friday 14 September 2018

Django Django

Django Django have announced that they will release a new EP, ‘Winter’s Beach’, next month. The new release follow’s last year’s ‘Marble Skies’ album.

It was recorded in the gap between finishing that record and releasing it, the band finding themselves still bursting with inspiration. As they announce the new EP, they have also released a video for a track from it, ‘Swimming At Night’.

Says drummer David Maclean: “The ‘Swimming At Night’ chorus is about closing your eyes or being in the dark and swimming in your own world, your own thoughts. The idea for the video came when we were in Palm Springs. The light and the colours there were extraordinary and were the inspiration behind some of the imagery in the video”.

“That”, he muses on, “combined with an old drawing that Tommy found, of a colourful deep blue sea full of creatures. The video was animated by Gemma Yin Taylor who did an amazing job at bringing to life the visual I had in my head”.

Watch that video here: