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Doctor asks Kanye West not to use his image as album cover

By | Published on Tuesday 1 May 2018

Kanye West

The doctor who operated on Kanye West’s mother Donda shortly before her death – Jan Adams – has declined the opportunity to have his face featured on the cover of the rapper’s new album. In a letter provided to The Blast, he tells West to “cease and desist” using his image to promote his music.

Last week, West posted a screengrab of an iMessage conversation he had had with collaborator Wes Lang, in which West says that he wants to use an image of Adams on his new record in order to “forgive and stop hating”.

Initially asked for comment by The Blast, Adams simply said “it’s a MacGuffin”, referring to the movie term for an item that is inconsequential in itself but is used as a device to further the plot. However, he has subsequently responded in much more detail. In an open letter to West, he denies responsibility for Donda West’s death.

He points to the coroner’s report and instead blames the rapper’s cousin, Stephan Scoggins, who was acting as her primary carer when she died.

“I don’t want to seem ungrateful”, he says of his decision to block the use of his image. “I just think that if, in fact, this conversion to love is genuine on your part, then it’s inappropriate to drag the negativity of the past into it … Perhaps you should put your cousin’s picture on your next album. Don’t put my picture out there and claim you are about love. Love deals with the truth”.

He says that he has “tolerated” false claims in the media that he “botched” a plastic surgery procedure he carried out on Donda West the day before her death “out of respect for the doctor-patient privilege and your mother”. He then accuses “people in your own camp” of “persist[ing] with the charade in order to hide their own guilt”.

Following its publication, West posted Adams’ letter on Twitter, saying in response: “This is amazing. Thank you so much for this connection brother. I can’t wait to sit with you and start healing”.

Meanwhile, West continues to troll Hot 97.1 presenter Ebro Darden, the guy who recently said the rapper is still a Donald Trump fan. Yesterday, the DJ revealed on his show that West had made a video call to him to show that he was with right wing commentator Candace Owens.