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Dr Dre’s Detox definitely nearly finished says Snoop Dogg

By | Published on Thursday 6 October 2011

Dr Dre

How many times have you read somewhere that Dr Dre’s long awaited ‘Detox’ album is nearly finished? I reckon I’ve written words to that effect approximately 7952 times now. And still no album. However, Snoop Dogg says he reckons it could be out soon. And he claims he wouldn’t say such a thing if he wasn’t sure.

Snoop told NME: “I ain’t never said it was almost finished. He might [have said that], but that’s my first time I ever said it. I was always saying it was taking too long to get done. It feels good now. We’ve been working on it. It’s almost finished. So that’s coming out soon”.

‘Detox’ has been in production since 2003. We’re with Snoop, that’s far too long.