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Dubset to sell unofficial remixes through Beatport

By | Published on Thursday 6 June 2019


Mix licensing platform Dubset has signed a new deal with dance music service Beatport to make selected unofficial remixes available for download. The two companies will work together to find the best tracks from Dubset’s Mixbank set-up to flog to DJs.

“The next generation of amazing producers and remixers are gravitating to new technologies like Dubset’s Mixbank and we are excited to open up this unique channel for exposure and distribution on Beatport”, says the firm’s CEO Robb McDaniels.

Explaining how it will all work (almost), Dubset CEO Stephen White adds: “We will be creating branded crates based on Beatport’s amazing charts, with the tracks available via Mixbank to cross-correlate what’s clearable. You end up with a set of trusted Beatport-ranked content that is available in the Dubset system. DJs won’t have to go back and forth to search and poke around. One place will give you access to it all”.

Dubset and Beatport are planning further collaborations which will be announced over the next year.