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Ed Sheeran already has a Bond theme written, just in case he’s asked

By | Published on Monday 18 December 2017

Ed Sheeran

It’s alright, Ed Sheeran has written a Bond theme. No one’s asked him for one, but he’s written it nonetheless.

“With Bond, I’ve had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case”, he said on Ireland’s ‘Late Late Show’.

It seems Sheeran actually has quite a stockpile of songs written in case they’re ever required. He went on: “I just recently did a song with one of my all time heroes, Eminem. When we did the song together, I’d already had the song planned – because I was like, ‘If I ever work with Eminem, I’ve got this song’. So it’s the same for Bond. If ever I’m called, I’ll be, like, there you go”.

I can’t quite imagine Ed Sheeran doing the souring vocals usually expected of a Bond theme. But, hey, they let Sam Smith do one, so why not Ed?