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Ed Sheeran’s neighbours angry over plans to build a church in his garden

By | Published on Wednesday 21 March 2018

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has sparked anger among his neighbours over plans to build a Saxon-style chapel in the grounds of his Suffolk home.

Neighbours are concerned about the impact the building’s nearly fifteen metre high tower will have on views of the surrounding landscape, and also the effect the building work might have on protected newts that nest in nearby ponds. Others have questioned what need there is for a private “non-denominational” church in the village.

Sheeran has made various planning applications for building work on the property since purchasing it in 2015. Many of these have drawn objections, often over the effect on local wildlife.

Commenting on the church, one neighbour said in a submission opposing the latest application: “It would appear that the applicant in his desire to satisfy the needs of the spiritual world continues to overlook his obligations to the living world, particularly that of protected species”.

Various new buildings have already been erected on the site by Sheeran, but a church is certainly the most unusual. It has been speculated that the musician and his fiancée Cherry Seaborn are hoping to marry in the venue.

It would certainly help to keep out the paparazzi, although afterwards they would be stuck with a big church in their garden. The application says that it would be used for “spiritual regeneration of both traditional and less traditional types”.

Landscape architects The Landscape Trust have advised that a full ecological survey be carried out before any work is approved. The council is expected to make a decision on the application next month.