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Ed Simons backs off from Chemical Brothers live shows

By | Published on Tuesday 18 November 2014

>The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons has confirmed he won’t join the dance act’s other half Tom Rowlands to play any live shows for a while following their headline DJ set at 2015’s Bugged Out Weekender, as he wants to instead concentrate on his career as an academic.

Simons has emphasised that his retreat from live activity in no way means the end for The Chemicals, adding that he and Rowlands are in fact working on an LP at the moment, and will go on to release that in the new year.

Speaking this week to Bugged Out HQ, in advance of its big weekend festival, which takes place at the Butlins Holiday Resort in Bognor Regis on 16-18 Jan, Simons said: “It’s been a really difficult decision but it doesn’t work for me to be away from home for the periods of time touring requires”.

He went on: “Tom is continuing with the live show, he wants to take this music to the people. It will be the same big production, with amazing visuals from Adam [Smith, director of The Chemical Bros live film ‘Don’t Think’] and the studio set up on stage, but I won’t be part of it. The academic work I’m continuing with is too meaningful for me to break from right now”.

He added: “There are plans brewing for a live show. I know Tom and Adam are working on a brand new look for it. I’m really excited to see how that looks and on the plus side, one day I will get to see a Chemical Brothers show from the audience’s perspective”.