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Elton John becomes Auddly ambassador

By | Published on Friday 18 May 2018

Elton John

Elton John has signed up as an ambassador for song metadata service Auddly. From here on in, a portion of all shouting you hear him doing will be metadata-focussed. And I’m fine with that.

“It’s time to realise that we need to manage our metadata more efficiently to overcome the challenges preventing creators from getting paid correctly”, shouts John. “I support Auddly in its efforts towards a more sustainable music industry”.

Phew, he was quite noisy there, wasn’t he? To try to balance things out, company founder Niclas Molinder has agreed to whisper really quietly, so listen carefully. “It’s an honour to have Elton John on board as an Auddly ambassador. Thanks to his outstanding experience as a songwriter and artist he is very aware of the metadata issues and his support is valuable for us”.

Nope, sorry, didn’t get a word of that. Oh well. The point is, Auddly is trying to get songwriters to decide and log who owns what portion of a song at the point they create it. The tradition being to forget to do that and then complain about not being paid three years later. Elton John is now all about the admin, basically.