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Elton John is constantly asking Ed Sheeran to sit on his face

By | Published on Wednesday 8 February 2017

Ed Sheeran

Can we not just go one day without Elton John asking Ed Sheeran to sit on his face? You may laugh at the suggestion that Elton John regularly asks Ed Sheeran to sit on his face, but if you do, Ed Sheeran will just look at you incredulously and say, “He fucking does”.

Sheeran – who is signed to John’s management company Rocket Music – revealed all this in a game of ‘Would You Rather’ put together by music TV channel BeBox. Asked if he would rather have the face of Taylor Swift or Elton John tattooed on his bum, he replied: “I reckon Elton’s face, cos he’s always asking me to sit on it”.

“He fucking does”, added Sheeran incredulously upon the room breaking into laughter. “I’m not even joking!”

How do you know when Ed Sheeran is or isn’t joking though? Well, asked if he’d rather live in a world made out of Lego or be made out of Lego, he said: “You would be constantly hard if you were made out of Lego”.

While that may be a proper punchline, this whole endeavour shows us that Ed Sheeran is rude. Don’t sully yourself by watching this video in full here.