Emika announces debut album

By | Published on Tuesday 26 July 2011


In news that just made me shout “at bloody last” at my computer, Berlin-based techno and dubstep-influenced producer Emika has announced that she will release her eponymous debut album through Ninja Tune on 3 Oct. At bloody last.

She says that the album is particularly inspired by techno culture, as “it’s a movement with sound and dancing at its very core. It’s not about idols or stars, it’s about sound and people coming together to dance and feel free”. But, she adds, the music “all comes from my imagination. My imagination is key. It’s a solo project, and the listener can feel this unity”.

The next single from the album will be the double A-side ‘Pretend/Professional Loving’, which will be released on 5 Sep. You can download the Kyle Halls remix of ‘Pretend’ from Emika’s website now, in exchange for your email address.


Three Hours
Common Exchange
Professional Loving
Be My Guest
Count Backwards
Double Edge
The Long Goodbye
FM Attention
Drop The Other
Come And Catch Me
Credit Theme