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Emika announces new solo piano album

By | Published on Thursday 9 January 2020


Emika has announced that her second solo piano album, ‘Klavirni Temna’, will be released next month. It follows ‘Klavirni’, which came out in 2015.

Recorded while she was pregnant with her first child, Silvy, the album was made, she says, “in a state of ultra hyped up creativity combined with a massive fear about losing my identity or creativity as an artist once I would become a mother”

“I had this record on the shelf for a long time ready while I was nursing Silvy and one day I decided I better get back to finishing the production and listen to the vinyl test presses”, she adds. “At that moment Silvy came in from her nap and touched my tummy and said ‘mummy’, which freaked me out, as she seemed to associate these pieces and the piano sound with me. Music is a powerful and sometimes unexplainable force”.

The release – due out on 14 Feb – also marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of the musician’s own Emika Records label.