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Emika announces release of her first symphony

By | Published on Friday 7 October 2016


A year after announcing plans to record her first symphony – ‘Melanfonie’ – Emika has now set a 2017 date for its release.

“I’ve wanted to compose a big piece for a symphony orchestra since I was a kid studying at music school”, she told CMU while launching a crowdfunding campaign for the recording in 2015. “I have attempted to create a fresh sound for the orchestra and a new context beyond the constraints of traditional classical music”.

Announcing the release of the finished recording, she told Resident Advisor: “I still feel that the image accompanying classical music is one of the upper class. Golden dresses, major labels and rich sponsors. The way classical music is presented on stage and its entire position within global music culture has very little connection with its creators”.

Performed by the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra and soprano Michaela Srumova, ‘Melanfonie’ will be released through Emika’s own Emika Records on 31 Jan.