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eMusic announces relaunch

By | Published on Thursday 11 May 2017


Digital music service eMusic has announced a big revamp, which also serves as a handy reminder that eMusic is still a thing.

The early-days subscription download service originally sold itself as an indie music-only platform, where by charging a monthly subscription it was able to sell downloads cheaper than elsewhere. But things started to unravel when the majors came on board, forcing a new pricing structure on the service. Pre-empting this move, several larger indies, including Beggars and Domino, pulled their catalogues.

eMusic then went through various changes, in a bid to revive the download service, which by then was also seeing its subscribers shift over to the streaming platforms. It eventually merged with an ebook company, before being sold to digital locker service TriPlay in 2015.

Although the relaunched version of eMusic is being touted as a major revamp, it’s more a case of the company getting back to its roots. Ownership of music purchased through the site is being pushed as a major selling point, and it has returned to a focus on independent music. Users will now also be able to stream the music they buy, thanks to TriPlay’s existing technology.

“TriPlay’s cloud platform and application development expertise enabled eMusic to evolve from a beloved, discount music outlet to a true value-add digital music service with features and applications focused on super-serving the serious music collector”, says TriPlay CEO Tamir Koch. “The music collector market remains strong and we now offer a holistic music service with multiple value propositions that benefit the user as well as the artist, with a business model that ensures artists receive fair pay for their hard work and creativity, while enabling the company to be profitable”.

He continues: “The all-new eMusic appeals to passionate, knowledgeable music fans who are driven by discovery and take great pride in their music collections. eMusic members have spent countless hours growing and curating their private music libraries and see value in the power of their personal cloud through eMusic. In fact, when eMusic members listen to music, 80% of the time they are listening to their own music collections. We are proud to give our members an easy, convenient and affordable platform that allows them to expand their collections and access their music form anywhere – all at a very fair price”.

Following this revamp, eMusic is also planning to add hi-res audio downloads, as well as launching apps for smart TV, watches and other net-connected devices.