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Endlesss launches crowdfunding campaign for pro-level version of social music app

By | Published on Thursday 4 June 2020


Social music creation app Endlesss has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money in order to launch a desktop version of the currently mobile-only software.

The app allows users of any ability to build loops using inbuilt instrument sounds and a series of on-screen pads. Others can then build upon those loops and adapt them, either with the goal of ultimately creating a finished track, or just to jam back and forth for the fun of it. And it is, it’s worth saying, rather fun.

“Endlesss is a tool to make music together and build creative momentum through building skills and relationships in a supportive environment”, says founder Tim Exile.

The iOS version of the app launched at the end of March, arriving as the perfect antidote to lockdown boredom. It’s free to use, but a monthly subscription of £4.49 is available to unlock additional features. Last week, a spin-off label was launched – called Endlesss Trax – releasing the first album made within the app, created by a group of users calling themselves The Veltron Transmissions.

With the new desktop version of the app, Endlesss aims to appeal to a more professional user. Called Endlesss Studio, it will be available for Mac and Windows, either as a standalone app or a VST plugin within other digital audio workstations like Ableton and Logic. In it, users will be able to access built-in instruments, design their own sounds or use live instruments to create and collaborate on loops.

The Kickstarter campaign is raising the money needed to get the desktop app to market, with plans to launch in December. It offers supporters discounted access to the app and also a top level subscription. Find out more here.